Who am I?

It is always hard for anyone to answer that question especially if you want to give a non-facile answer. I am no exception. I would characterize myself as a fairly average guy, an ‘average Joe’, who is searching for meaning in life. I am still very much in the process of figuring out my place in the world and who do I really want to be? I am seeking to make my life count. In a sense, then, I am a seeker and in my quest to find the answers, I wander, both literally and metaphorically.

Why the blog?

This blog is a documentation of my journey, both outwards (the ‘far’ in the title) and inwards (alluding to ‘near’). It is an attempt to capture the essence of the places I visit, the people I meet and the experiences I have. It is a documentation of the dreams I dream, of my many failures and few successes. The blog seeks to share that journey with my friends and loved ones who aren’t always with me on that journey.

The immediate trigger for the blog is my move to Monrovia, Liberia. Consequently, a big chunk of the blog will focus on my experiences in Monrovia. In addition, since I am passionate about long distance running, education, improving lives through science & technology, space & astronomy, and search for extraterrestrial life, the blog will touch upon many of these topics as well.

More on Me 

As for more factual aspects of my background, I was born in new delhi in a very middle class family. My parents came from a very humble background and had risen in life through hard work and a focus on education. These were the values which they instilled in me as well. I studied civil engineering in India and later on did my masters in logistics from US. I worked for Indian Railways and travelled across India. In US, I did supply chain consulting which again took me around the country. I got the opportunity to meet and talk to people of all walks of life which, I believe, has given me the ability to see things from multiple perspectives. These multiple perspectives are what you are likely to find in my writings here.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. hi Kapil, i just came across your blog when searching for pics on monrovia markets. your are doing great to narrate your experiences here.
    i am in monrovia too..but not had been to markets on foot till date. but place is ok.


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