Our Thanksgiving Tradition

Hello Everyone,

Hope you had a great thanksgiving with family and loved ones. Is there something special that you did this time? Do you have a family tradition for thanksgiving? I am from India where we don’t have Thanksgiving. However, living in US, we are fast evolving our own thanksgiving tradition. Every year, we as a family like to take some time off and spend the holiday enjoying the great outdoors in America. That is what we have been upto this week. Myself and a friend hiked into the Grand Canyon down the Bright Angle Trail to the Plateau Point for some glorious views of the river and the inner gorge. I loved seeing all the beautiful flora and fauna on the Tonto Trail and saw some mountain goats high up the canyon slopes. Earlier this week, my 3 year old daughter surprised all of us by hiking 4 miles in the Red Rock State Park. Not once did she complain about being tired or needing to be picked up!! And, we spent Thanksgiving scrambling over some Granite rocks in Prescott. Today, we are headed back to the Grand Canyon to watch the night sky. It has been one amazing week.

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving as well. I would love to hear how you got to spend the holiday. Write back when you get a chance. Enjoy some pics in the meantime.




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